Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab is a hub for experimental artistic and architectural practice-based thinking and doing. We are hosted by the Institution for Research and Further Education in Art and Architecture at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

We aspire to develop tools, methods and strategies, with which we can shape built environments and common spaces, capable of meaningfully altering the expectations and language around the public sphere.

The lab asks, in different ways, what is of public interest?—through working on and actualizing projects in, around, and in between art and architecture. While this is pursued through collaborative doing and learning, a key aim of OPI Lab is for the knowledge we make to act as a catalyst in the practices of the individuals involved. Thereby affecting and shaping their respective fields, whether it be art, architecture, curatorial work, social practice, landscape architecture, activism, and/or other areas of research.

OPI Lab has two locations. One is at the Royal Institute of Art, our hosting institution. The other is a storefront in an area of Stockholm undergoing significant development. This space is the locus for our site specific work, and importantly, it also establishes a visible presence and commitment to a neighborhood. Working from the conditions and histories of a specific place, is not unlike what is necessary in conducting a multiple control group in any experiment. Our location of interest provides a ground upon which to test out ideas—ultimately, as a means of addressing places and conditions beyond the given site.
The work performed at OPI Lab is closely tied to socializing with the surroundings and with each other, as a necessary component of building ideas through conviviality. We host a once-monthly Open Door Session as a public moment in the space where we offer food and drinks, discuss and share some of what we do with colleagues, friends, passersby, and people from the neighborhood.

At the Royal Institute of Art, we are a part of the school’s Institution for Research and Further Education in Art and have access to a wide range of workshops, seminars and to the faculty and students who comprise other and related fields of study.

OPI Lab is founded by the artist Jonas Dahlberg and led together with curator and writer Jasmine Hinks. It is hosted by the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Visit us at our storefront at OPI Lab, Gröndalsvägen 1, 117 66 Stockholm, or at the Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, 111 49 Stockholm. Or contact us at studio@of-public-interest.com